"Oli" Patterson → 57 → Human/Hunter/Voodoo Doctor → Denzel Washington → Open

Oli comes from a village in the southwestern outlines of where Modern day Haiti would be. He was raised in his families profession; A Voodoo Doctor, as some would say; often mistaken for witchcraft. Where he comes from, his people are a race that is suffering from diseases, and a violent plague that turns those suffering into beasts that walk during the day, and for one night in a month, cause even more blood shed than before.

As one of the last of his people that has not been effected directly, he’s taken to the blade to slay those who are against nature, werewolf or vampire. His wife had been killed by a plague, which has left him silent, cold and bitter. His silence is all the fear  he needs when hunting, but when he meets Cori and Keefe, he knows that he needs them… Cori because she reminds him so much of the daughter he once lost but trained to be hunter like him, and Keefe, because he knows that everyone loves him and doesn’t suspect a thing.

But, he also has another daughter in Mystic Falls, who doesn’t even realize it. He’s never stepped foot into her life, but maybe that’s because he doesn’t know she exists? Or maybe he does? He’s keeping her safe, while forcing Blu to work with him, for him and along side of him. He’s not going to win the father of the year award, and he could care less, now.

He has a goal, and he has partners, but if tempted, he’d turn on everyone in a heartbeat. His time is running out, he knows, but he hopes to bring Mystic Falls down, or burn it to the ground with everyone in it.

  • Close relationships: Aliana, Blu, Cori, Serena, Jordan, Marsha, Keefe.
  • Personality: Skilled, cunning, quick, harsh, cold, liar.

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