frances--farmer asked: Hi! Is this RPG still active?

Yes it is! We’ve moved to a new account : LINK


Anonymous asked: I think I want to go for Gabe. Does the sample need to be IC?

Nope the para sample doesn’t have to be IC :)

We have shifted to a new blog, so you can submit your application there : LINK

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Sorry for being away

Hey guys, I’m so sorry that I haven’t been able to be on very much for the last few days. I’ve been swamped with tons of work, but will come on and off eventually. Sorry!

- Roshni

I’m so sorry for not being on recently.

I’ve been really busy lately and I know most of the other admins have been too. I just want to thank all of those members who are still coming on and I’ll try to get things up and running again, I’m going to start that with making a new main because at the moment this is a sideblog and I think it might be easier for all the admins if it was a completely seperate account. I’ll be posting some more info soon!

- Cassie

thomas-ofthemaze asked: hey there! so I'm leaving on a small trip and I won't be on till next saturday. See you guys later!<3

That’s fine :) Thanks for letting us know <3

Welcome to Mystic Falls, Finn Mikaelson

Admin Note: Hey Alek! We are extremely excited to be roleplaying with you. Please make your character’s account and send it in before the 24 hour time limit. Could you also activate your submit and ask box so communication will be made easier. Enjoy your stay!

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Avery Dale → 19 →  Vampire → Crystal Reed→ Open

Avery was one of the first that the originals turned and she wasn’t someone to be messed with. After hearing that a new creature had been made, she was determined to become one and didn’t care what she had to do to get it.

Despite looking so sweet and innocent on the outside, she was the complete opposite, she used her beauty to her advantage, getting whatever she wanted and she would go through people faster than a bullet, not caring what kind of a state she looked like.

Many people despised her but her friends loved her, since arriving in Mystic Falls she became close friends with Rebekah, someone she could relate to and shortly after them becoming friends Rebekah agreed to turn her, seeing potential in the girl. She recently began taking an interest in Kol, Rebekah’s brother although he was too interested in Valerie to notice making Valerie her number 1 enemy.

  • Close Relationships: Rebekah, Kol, Finn
  • Personality: Bitchy, Intelligent, Inconsiderate

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